• Reservations can be made either online at or by calling 617.899.9812

• All reservations must be made by an adult over the age of 21. 

• Advance payment of 50% of rent and tax is required at the time the booking is made. Payment to be 

made by wire transfer.

• The remaining balance must be paid no later 90 days prior to check-in. If your reservation is made 90 

or fewer days prior to check-in, the entire balance is due at the time your booking is made.

• No refund will be given for any circumstance, including trip delay, trip interruption, trip cancellation or 

any other reason.

• Late check-in and/or early departure for any reason, including but not limited to inclement weather, 

does not warrant the refund of any payments, rent or deposits.

• Minimum Booking is 7 nights

• Rental policies are subject to change without notice.


• Prices and fees are quoted in U.S. dollars and to be charged in U.S. dollars.

• Rates are subject to change without notice until your reservation is confirmed.

• Rates do not include taxes; the sales tax rate is 16%. Taxes will be added to the total.


• Upon payment of the rent due the Renter shall have use of the premises subject to the Rental Policies 

during the term of the Villa Rental Confirmation. The premises will be received in good condition.

• The total number of persons allowed by the property at any time is restricted to a maximum of ten 

(10). Renter must disclose the names of all persons in his party (“Guests”) and identify every occupant 

in the Villa Rental Confirmation. CieloMar Management reserves the right to refuse entry or to expel 

persons not named as members of Renter’s party. If the maximum occupancy of ten persons is 

exceeded or unidentified/unconfirmed occupancy stay eviction without refund is the penalty.

• Respectful atmosphere must be maintained at all times.

• No parties, weddings or gatherings are allowed without prior written permission. Renter may not 

engage in any activities that disturb the quiet enjoyment of others.

Check-In and Check-Out

• Check-in 3:00 pm. Check-out 11:00 am.


• Report issues to Property Manager immediately and so she can correct them as quickly as possible.

• Should the Property become untenable due to unforeseen events or acts of God, we reserve the right to 

void this Agreement. However, no refund or rate adjustment shall be made for failures outside of our control 

such as, but not limited to, the supply of electricity, water, telephone, television, internet or cable service, or 

other circumstances such as noisy neighbors and weather.

• Property Manager, authorized employees, or repairmen may enter the premises during normal business 

hours for any purpose pertaining to repair, care, and management of the premises. We will try to notify you, 

if at all possible, in advance of any entry. Our caretaker couple resides in the caretaker apartment on the 

Property and may access the Property at all times.




• Guests are solely responsible for their personal property during occupancy. A safe box is provided; please 

use it for passports, cash and other valuables, but no liability for their loss is assumed by the Owner.

• Renter named in the Villa Rental Confirmation t will be responsible for ensuring that they and all guests, 

adhere to the policies in this Agreement 

• Renter acknowledges that management, Owner, and employees do not carry liability insurance and cannot 

be held responsible regardless of fault, for any accident, loss, damage or injury suffered by the Renter, 

members of their party or any other guests which the Renter or their party have allowed access to the 

property, regardless if said loss is a result directly or indirectly from acts of God, danger incident to the sea, 

any body of water, fire, breakdown of machinery, equipment, acts of government or other authorities, 

delays or cancellations of or changes in itineraries or schedule or from acts of omission of any airline.

• The Renter hereby release the Owner and their respective affiliates, principals, officers, directors, 

employees, representatives, agents and volunteers (collectively, the" Indemnified Parties” ) from and against 

all liability, loss, damage, cost (including legal fees), expense and responsibility whatsoever for any bodily 

injury (including, without limitation, any disease or illness), loss of life or damage to property resulting from, 

relating to, or occasioned by, the Renter's or the Renter's guests (which term "guests shall include, without 

limitation, everyone in the Renter's party or company and visitors) enjoyment, use of, or access to, the villa 

and its amenities, (which term " amenities shall include, without limitation, the swimming pool and bridge) 

and the Renter does hereby agree to defend, indemnify and hold the Indemnified Parties harmless from and 

against any and all costs (including legal fees), judgments, claims, demands, losses, liabilities, damages and 

expenses resulting from, relating to, or occasioned by, the Renter's or the Renter's guests enjoyment, use of, 

or access to, the villa and its amenities and/or the Renter's breach of, or default of its obligations contained 

in, this policy. The Renter agrees that, prior to the Renter's permitting or allowing any of the Renter's guests 

(over the age of consent) to access, enjoy or use the villa or any of its amenities, the Renter will obtain and 

furnish a release signed by each such guest in favor of the Indemnified Parties. The Renter and the Renter's 

guests are responsible for the safety and security of their own personal property, including jewelry and other 


• Neither management nor the Owner will be held responsible for: the loss, damage or of the Renter’s and 

guest’s personal items left in the property.

• The Renter acknowledges that CieloMar may not be sublet.

• If the terms of this policy are violated by Renter, CieloMar Property Management or Owner may terminate 

rental and enter said premises. Upon notice of termination, Renter shall vacate the premises immediately.

• Rental is subject to the Villa Rental Policies and Villa Rental Confirmation

• The parties agree to abide by Costa Rican law. Any conflict, dispute, disagreement is to be a judicial 

through arbitration under the Center for Conflict Resolution of the Costa Rican American Chamber of 

Commerce in San José, Costa Rica, with unconditional submission to its norms and regulations as 

applicable at the moment of the conflict. Claims are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction in Costa Rica 

under Costa Rica law.

• Payment of the rental deposit constitutes consent to these policies; Renter is expressly agreeing to all 

terms of these policies and the Villa Rental Confirmation.

All rates, fees and policies are subject to change without notice. Rates quoted do not include sales and 

tourism taxes. CieloMar Management reserves the right to refuse rental to anyone. Please inquire at 

617.899.9812 or if you have any questions regarding policies or rates.

Please note: As Costa Rica upgrades its infrastructure, phone service is not 100% dependable.